Touchin' Up – Our Process

Describing the Touchin' Up Hair color process. We created this, wrote the copy, shot the photos and produced this piece for the client's website as well as social media.

Touchin' Up – Hair Color Bar specializes in hair color touch-ups by professional color experts. Their process is described below. This was prepared for their website and we have added it to their social media as well. We wrote the story, did the photography, and produced the presentation.
At Touchin' Up we follow a proven method of hair color touch-ups. Nothing is left to guess work, all is measured and weighed and timed, so it's a Perfect Match every time. Then your personal recipe is stored in our data base, so the next time you come in we can apply the same formula or adjust it based on your need. Here is our process:
Color Consultation
It starts with a brief 10 minute consultation where our color expert matches your hair color.
Choosing the Perfect Match
We use top quality professional hair color to match your color perfectly.
Weighing  Exact Amount
The color recipe is portioned out by exact weight on our digital scale, we don't just "eye-ball" it.
Adding Developer
Developer is added in, again by exact amount based on weight.
Hand Mixing
The formula is then mixed by hand to the proper consistency.
Applying Color
Our professional staff applies the color. Every member of the staff has been trained by our color expert.
Detailed Application
We don't just touch-up where your hair is parted but it's throughly applied to cover all new growth.
Process Timing
The process is then accurately timed so there is no guess-work. Perfect every time!
Shampoo & Rinse
Next, a relaxing shampoo and rinse. You can either blow dry yourself or add a professional blow out.
Finished Hair Color Touch-up
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